Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Little Ones

Every parent wants a perfect celebration party on his child turning one! But, confused among the list of birthday cakes amidst all the excitement? To help you out, VenueMonk brings a list of the best birthday cake ideas. Have a look:


  1. The teddy bear cake


  1. Honey bee cake


  1. Current status: Chilling!

1st Birthday Cake

  1. The Princess cake

The Princess Cake

  1. The Castle cake


  1. Minnie Mouse cake


  1. The Turtle


  1. The Lady Bird Cake


  1. Jungle theme cake

FIRST BDAY Jungle Theme Cake

  1. The Train

Baby Owen's Bday cake


One can definitely opt for these amazing cake ideas for your little ones along with an awesome venue which will rock your celebration.  To book the coolest venues near you log on to

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