VenueMonk Introduction: Discover Venues Online

VenueMonk is the easiest way to find and book venues online. We at VenueMonk connect you to the venues through our online platform, making event planning easy while increasing business for venues.

Whether you are planning a birthday party in a restaurant, reception in a banquet hall or a charity event in a hotel, VenueMonk connects you to a list of venues which suits your needs.  We have venue specialists who specialize in event planning and finding the perfect venues for the customers. With VenueMonk you can virtually visit each and every venue on click of a button.

VenueMonk reduces the time and effort spent on searching and booking a venue. Fill our event form and provide us with some basic information about what you are looking for and your job ends then and there. Afterwards relax and receive multiple offers from venues that are ready to make your amazing event special.

At VenueMonk we’re at the start of our journey to build a community of people that believe there’s a better way to search and book venues.

If you’d like to know more about us or have any kind of query, Just visit or email us at .

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