Tips to host an Elegant Christmas Party

The Christmas party is always a tricky one to host, with pressure of not spending too much but also ensuring that everyone has a great time. However, there are some easy tips to remember when booking the parties which will help you get the best for everyone.

  • Keep it simple for yourself – If you go for a package you will know from the start how much the whole event is going to cost, making budgeting easy for everyone. Most companies will be able to offer you the venue hire, theming, food and drinks in a “per head” cost.
  • Pick a venue with a subtle theme – this way you can add little touches that hint towards the overall theme but no one is going to think it is over the top. It is great to have a name for the party to get everyone excited, so even if the venue hasn’t got one put your thinking caps on and come up with something yourselves.
  • What style of event is going to work best for your group? – Christmas parties can be a formal affair with champagne, three course meal, black tie and elegant entertainment or they can be a much more informal occasion with theming and a free flowing bar. You know the audience, so pick the type of event that will suit your group but don’t forget everyone likes to be treated at Christmas so even if you are having an informal party, have it somewhere stunning and everyone will remember it
  • Have lots of smaller entertainment going on – if you have a diverse group of people attending the event at least this way there will be something for everyone and often smaller entertainment is less expensive but because it is surrounding the guests it makes a greater impact.

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