‘Ho Ho Ho’ Merry Christmas

The Christmas season is a magical time filled with parties and celebrations.Make this year memorable with inspiring ideas for Celebrating your Ultimate Christmas party. Make the perfect eggnog, start a new family tradition, and spread the joy of the season.

Here we have listed some crazy Christmas party ideas that will make your party Brighter and Merrier.

1. Cute Cookie Swap Party!

Cookie swap parties are a Christmas tradition which is totally on board with. You get to try different kinds of delicious cookies from your friends and family, hopefully snag their recipes, and leave with a bag full of home-made treats



2. A Christmas Gift Wrap Relay!

Set up assembly lines of gifts, boxes, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape for each team. Either have each player wrap one gift or make an assembly line of workers. Then race to wrap!



3. Something Traditional..The Old Movie!

A movie can be played in the background like elf or home alone and served with flaming fire tongs punch. Making of flaming fire tongs punch is a highlight..It is famous in Central Europe.


There can be a market stall outside in an open area for those who want to cool outside and be served with hot wine punch

Wine Barrel


4. An Ugly Sweater Party

Throw the ultimate fun-filled holiday bash with ugly sweater party ideas! Just because the sweaters are ugly doesn’t mean the decor has to be 😉

Ugle Sweater1


Party is not always about dressing good.


Ugly ManSo come with the ugliest outfit you could afford 😉

5. Click Away Memories!

Photo booths are all about the people in the photos, but those photos are much more exciting and personal with a fun custom backdrop to set the stage.

Photo Booth for the pretty ladies?


Pretty Ladies

or a cute family?



6. Elf of the Shelf!

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake,” – no, not Santa Claus, but his sneaky little minion, The Elf on the Shelf.


It makes for the perfect addition to any Christmas tree — just make sure your elf ornament doesn’t get into as much trouble as these naughty elves!

There can be an ornament guess. Have people guess the total number of ornaments on the tree as they come into the party. The closest guess wins.


These are some fun party ideas which can make your Christmas Party enjoyable and memorable, along with these you also need a Perfect venue to host your own kind of party.

Visit VenueMonk for the best venues and deals to host a crazy Christmas Party

If you have any queries or if you just want to wish us ‘Merry Christmas’ mail us at namaste@venuemonk.com

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