Why is Udaipur The Most Preferred Destination for Destination Wedding?

Always dreamt of a princess style wedding? But confused about the destination wedding venue?

Go for Udaipur! We’ll let you know why.

Here, VenueMonk gives you five reasons to go for Udaipur:


1. Aesthetic Beauty

Udaipur Destination Wedding

Udaipur is a well-developed town keeping the charm of an old heritage city. Its aesthetic beauty serves as best of decoration and a minimal touch up brings any venue to its best.


2. Less crowded and a clean green city

Udaipur Destination Wedding

For all those who prefer a peaceful, calm and a soothing environment this is the place for you. A town less crowded with lushes of greenery all around.


3. Availability of affordable yet authentic traditional hotels

Udaipur Destination Wedding

A place with the availability of authentic traditional hotels which at the same time fits your budget. What’s better than this!


4. The palatial locations

Udaipur Destination Wedding


Udaipur Destination Wedding

These include Jagmandir island palace, Zeenana mahal, Darbar hall and Manek chowk. The ambience and the beauty at all the venues is one of its kind and unmatched.


5. No transport issues

Udaipur Destination Wedding

Udaipur Destination Wedding

The city has a connection with Delhi and Mumbai airports. There are daily flights, trains and buses available.


Now that you know why Udaipur, find out the best wedding venues in this city of lakes with VenueMonk.

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