Ideas to Spice Up Your House Party…

Hosting a house party for the very first time and blank on how to draw a crowd? Don’t worry, VenueMonk brings you list of points which will definitely let your guests have a super awesome time:


1. Beware of the guest list

 guest list house party venuemonk

Always make sure about the kind of guests you tend to invite to your party. Beware of neat freaks! Welcome those who offer a helping hand.


2. Commencement time

commencement time house party venuemonk

The point is to lie about the start time! If you want your party to begin by 9 pm, make sure that you tell your guests to show up by 7 pm.


3. Locking other rooms

house party venuemonk

If you want your guests to not enter certain rooms, make sure you lock them for you cannot take their guarantee.


4. Food Selection

 food house party venuemonk     food house party venuemonk

You need to have the yummiest and the most delicious menu with enormous varieties of beer, vodka, wine, rum and whisky if you don’t want your guests to return disheartened.


5. Introductions

guest introduction house party venuemonk

Introductions are must in a house party since your guests must be strangers to each other. This would remove the awkwardness and make the atmosphere more easy going.


6. Good Music

music house party venuemonk

Have a rocking playlist and give this responsibility to any of your friends who has DJ skills.


7. Keep playing cards

games house party venuemonk

Throw a deck of cards and let it go on so as to entertain your guests throughout. This will give your guests do something so that they don’t get bored.


This should solve your purpose. But still, if you are in doubt, let VenueMonk find the most amazing venue for you to host the party and we assure you that all your guests would turn up!

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