How to prepare yourself for an unlimited buffet ?

We all love buffets because we all love the idea of unlimited food. But in reality, things are not that easy. You cannot simply turn up unprepared at a buffet as you will end up not making the most of it and, that is something you surely don’t want to. So here is VenueMonk’s very own buffet strategy for all you food lovers out there.

Pre-buffet week:

1. So the preparations need to begin atleast a week before the D-Day. You have to begin conditioning your tummy to eat more than you can. When you think you’re full, drink as much water as you can. You will be amazed how your stomach can stretch.


2. Do some brisk-walking or watch fitness videos. This will prep your mind for the gorging that you are about to do. Cheat your mind into thinking you deserve it.


Buffet Day:

1. Some people will tell you not to eat on the buffet day itself, do not listen to them. VenueMonk’s experience at buffet hogging says that if you starve yourself, the moment you start on your buffet you’ll feel sick in the gut. So, snack a bit throughout the day and make sure you’re properly hydrated but do stop eating around 4 hours before the buffet.


2. Right before you leave house for the buffet, drink a cup of diluted vinegar. We recommend apple cider vinegar.


Rock and Roll: It’s your moment to shine !

1. Do not take any drinks and salad. They will unnecessarily fill you up and you will not have space for any of the good stuff.

giphy (3)

2. Scout all the food, and take a bit of everything you think is nice. Do not take too much!!! You don’t know what’s nice until you actually eat it.

giphy (4)

3. After you’ve sampled everything, settle for some items that appeal most to you. And keep eating.

giphy (7)

4. When you think you’re full, pee. When you know you’re full, take a dump. But do not dare give up.

giphy (11)

5. Push yourself! Tough times never last but tough people do!


6 At the end of the day, reward yourself with a tiny drink.

giphy (10)

So what are you waiting for ? Find amazing venue for your buffet party through Venuemonk and do not forget to share these tips with your friends. Have a sumptuous meal !

giphy (2)

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