Twelve Extremely Weird Wedding Traditions in the World

Imagine a ritual of blackening the bride or a woman marrying a banana tree. Here, VenueMonk brings you a list of the most flamboyant rituals that evoke emotions of laughter and sheer amusement.

1. Blackening the bride


This tradition is practised in Scotland to celebrate the happiest day in a woman’s life and also to prepare her for any further humiliations after marriage when all her friends and relatives show affection by putting nasty things on her including spoiled food, sauces, dead fish and mud after which she is tied to a tree and then taken for a night of drinking.

2. Beating the groom’s feet


The Koreans practise this tradition with fun to ensure that the groom is not disappointed on his wedding night. The groom has his feat beaten with a fish or a cane.

3. Marrying a tree


Women born as ‘Mangliks’ in parts of India are assumed to cause an early death to their husbands for which they are first married to a tree and the tree cut down to break the curse.

4. Preplanned crying


In China, the bride practises crying a month before her wedding followed by her mother grandmother and all other relatives which is considered to be an expression of joy as women cry in different tones.

5. Going Green

going green.jpeg

Indonesians practise this strange ritual of house arresting the newly married couple for three days not allowing them to use the toilet and serving them with minimal food and drinks. This is believed to produce a happy wedding.

6. Killing Chicks


Chicks are killed in China by the bride and groom to select their wedding date which is divined by the good appearance of the chick’s liver. If the baby chick does not has a satisfactory appearance more chicks are killed.

7. Spitting on the bride


In Kenya, the father spits on his daughter’s head and breasts so as to bless her after which she leaves with her husband not looking back with the fear of turning into stone.

8. Toilet soup


The worst tradition ever is practised in France in which the new wedded are expected to drink soup in a toilet bowl prepared by the leftovers collected by the bridal party so that they are charged enough to have a great night ahead. Nowadays, soup is substituted with chocolate being drunk from the toilet bowl!

9. Stealing groom’s shoes


Indians have this custom of stealing groom’s shoes after he sits for the wedding to commence. This is seen as a battle where the groom’s family is all set to take care of the shoes and the bride’s family tries to steal it after which a ransom money is given by the groom to get his shoes back.

10. Shooting the bride

shooting the bride

Brides are shot with bows and arrows with no arrowheads in China by the groom after which he collects the arrows and breaks them to ensure that they will love each other forever.

11. Kissing the couple


In Sweden, the bride and the groom are kissed a lot whenever either of the two leave the table to use the washroom. Such a sweet feast!

12. Shaving bride’s hair

shaving bride's head

In China, last time a man sees his woman with hair is before marriage. In Their culture, a married woman is supposed to shave off all her hair but a lock since it is seen as a sign of beauty and cleanliness.

These unbelievable traditions must have left you crazy. But, don’t go crazy for wedding venues as VenueMonk will help you find the best ones.

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