Ten Amazing Food Art Ideas To Spice Up Your Party

More beautiful the food looks on plate, the more tempting it seems to be! Want to enhance your dining skills? So, VenueMonk is here with a list of amazing food art ideas:


  1. Cute little vodafone zoo-zoos made up of rice dipped in chicken curry!

zoo zoo

  1. Everyone’s favourite cheese hamburger in the shape of a shoe!


  1. Little girls favourite Hello Kitty cartoon character made up of rice, tomato, capsicum, broccoli and a lot more!


  1. Kids favourite pet faced yummy cup-cakes!


  1. Little chics made up of eggs and tarts!


  1. Lovely birds made up of delicious fruits !


  1. The tasty Simpsons family made up of bread, cheese, spinach, tomato!


  1. A sweet little fruity baby !


  1. A perfect burger for dog lovers!


  1. A teddy bear made up of rice swimming in curry


So, use these super cool art ideas to make your food look even more pretty. Not sure if you can do this? Leave this for the chefs and book a venue for your celebration with VenueMonk.

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