Drinks Best Consumed With Your Boss


Drinking with your boss! Well, this is quite tricky! The type of drink you order speaks who you are. So, be careful and make a good statement. And for your help, VenueMonk brings a list of the best drinks. Have a look:


1. Scotch Neat


Glass of scotch whiskey and ice on a wooden table

This is exactly the drink to prove your worth. It is the most recognised and classic of all. The 18 year old scotch is notoriously known to be the best among scotch neat while people also go for the younger years.

2. Local craft beer


Eight beer samplers lined up on a table

Beer which has gone a makeover since quite a time is among people’s favourites be it wheat beer or any darker. Go with what you wish and if your boss is also a beer lover, you win!

3. Gin Martini shaken

 classic gin martini venuemonk

Gin Martini is a quirk in the traditional drink of the Californians. It is much loved by the people and has foundd a place quite high that it never goes off trend.

4. Bourbon on the rocks


Bourbon on the rocks is one of those coolest drinks that people prefer usually in summers or maybe depend upon the ice to dilute some alcohol not compromising with the taste.

5. Red wine

 red_wine venuemonk

Red wine is considered the most serious drinks of all and is quite healthy and pair great with high end appetizers. This is another drink that would help you bond well if you have a wine lover boss!


Now that you’re aware of the best drinks, impress your boss by making a simple statement and prove your worth. Plan a dinner and let VenueMonk help you find the perfect venue in your town.

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