Tips for planning a Diwali Party

Diwali is the time for everyone to come together. So, a party on this occasion is a perfect way to spread the aura of happiness that this auspicious festival brings with itself. To make things easier, VenueMonk brings you simple steps to organise your party making it the talk of the town. Have a look:

  1. Set a Budget

setting budget

This is the first and the most essential step because it is on Diwali that one gets tempted to so many things and gets an excuse to buy all of those. So, don’t get carried away and allocate a certain amount of money for drinks, food, decor and other essentials and stick to it no matter what.


  1. Prepare the guest list

guest list

The guest list can be tricky when you are trying to put together complete strangers from different walks of your life on one table. Make a list at the beginning of the party-planning process, so that you neither miss out on anyone nor go overboard with the number of people coming for your party.


  1. Decide a theme

theme part

Be it festive, Bollywood or superhero, your party needs a theme. So, use your imagination and come up with an interesting theme for your Diwali party.


  1. Decide the Menu


Food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any party. Choose your drinks depending on the kind of crowd you invite. While you can keep some beverages common like juices, soft drinks and wine, for others, you can opt for cocktails or mocktails. If people say good things about the food you served long after your party is over, it means that the do was a success. So pay extra attention to it!


  1. Music


When spirits are high, music surely is in demand. So, groovy music with old remixes and the popular songs of today are a must so that your guests enjoy the party to the fullest.


  1. Games

card games

Think of games, which involve all your invitees at the party, like ‘Truth or dare’, ‘Would you rather’ and drinking games like Have you ever? etc. If you have lots of kids in the party, fancy dress competition is a splendid idea. And, also don’t forget the gifts for the winner!


  1. Firecrackers


We are not talking about the loud firecrackers, but the eco-friendly options available in the market this Diwali. Instead, indulge in some kiddie fun with phooljhadis, chakras and fountains! The gang is definitely going to love you for taking them back to their childhood days.



Follow each of the above steps to ensure that you have a fun-filled celebration this Diwali. To book happening venues for your party, log on to





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