Hilarious Pre-Wedding Nightmares

The pre wedding phase in one’s life is a blend of all the emotions comprising love, anxiety, anxiousness, nervousness and excitement. So, at this point in your life don’t be astonished when you wake up to hilarious nightmares and this list by VenueMonk is as follows:


  1. Missed your own wedding!


Yes folks, some of you may wake up to realise that you missed your own wedding embarrassing your own self and after which you remind yourself of the wedding day still to come.


  1. Being infected by chicken pox before your wedding!

chicken pox before wedding

This is as similar to waking up in the morning to see a pimple on your face. This is usually experienced by the very conscious bride who tends to apply turmeric over the pimple.


  1. A nationwide bandh on your wedding day!

A nationwide bandh on your wedding day!

This is a very common nightmare experienced by many people. Bandhs, curfews, tornadoes, earthquakes all seem to strike on your wedding day itself and never when you’d wanted them to.


  1. Short term memory loss!

Short term memory loss

This is one of the most hilarious nightmares of all and whole of a mankind. You wake up numb and shocked to realise that your partner no more recognises you.


  1. No wedding album!

No wedding album

The photographer informs you that your wedding pictures are destroyed and he has no more of them. The wedding album can be made then only when the two of you decide to marry the second time.


These nightmares must have made you go crazy and laugh out loud. Well, don’t go crazy finding venues for your wedding.  Just log on to www.venuemonk.com


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