Firstly, thank you so much to the ones who aren’t involved in this! But, all those who experience enormous pleasure in bursting crackers, VenueMonk brings you major reasons as to why you should quit bursting crackers not only this Diwali but also in future. Have a look:

1. Air Pollution at its peak

air pollution

This is one of the most witnessed effects during Diwali. The smoke from firecrackers contain sulphur compounds, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals and harmful fumes of gases such as sulphur dioxide, ozone etc. The air is so severely affected that the rate of air pollution goes up by 30% during Diwali.


2. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution


Nowadays people go gaga over double powerful sound producing firecrackers without the knowledge of the harm and serious damage that it could cause to their fellow human beings. Firecrackers produce very high level of sound and the vibrations can travel over a long distance.


3. Accidents

Fire accidents

Burning firecrackers without proper care and precaution could lead to lot of fire accidents, burns and injuries. Sometimes the rockets (firework) may not be launched properly and could end up burning down a hut nearby. People might even step on a firework by mistake and face horrible injuries later.


4. Non-Biodegradable

non biodegradable

The firecrackers are usually made up of non-biodegradable substances. The shells and outer covers are usually made of plastics that are non-biodegradable. These materials do not decay and slowly contaminate the soil.


5. Public Nuisance

Public nuisance

Infants, elders and the sick require peace and serenity. They are generally weak hearted and cannot bear sudden shock or trauma. Firecrackers are terrible public nuisance especially to the sick, infants and senior citizens.


6. Smog

Smog due to crackers

Most of the firecrackers when burnt give out excess smoke. These contain tiny metallic particles. When burnt on the streets and roads, it produces smog that is so dense and foggy and it creates difficulty for the people walking and driving on roads.


7. Contamination of water bodies

Contamination of water by crackers


Water is a very precious commodity and it needs to be saved vigorously. Fireworks containing perchlorate particles spread across lakes and contaminate the water bodies. These particles can also penetrate through the soil and contaminate the ground water too and make them unfit to consume.


8. Other living beings


The sparkles, powerful sounds, flashy lights and colours from fireworks might excite a human mind. Most of the animals and birds get scared and they tremble with fear. So, consider your pets before you burst crackers.

So folks, quit crackers and celebrate Diwali by organising a wonderful party. To find the most happening venues for your celebration, log on to www.venuemonk.com

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