Different Diwali Cultures around India

The joyous and prosperous Hindu festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated across the country to mark the triumph of good over evil. Did you know that there are actually different significances and ways of celebrating the festival in different parts of India? VenueMonk tells you this. Read on!


  1. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

Some areas host local stage story telling called Hari Katha while the others may put a huge Narakasura dummy made with fireworks which is burst by a person dressed as Lord Krishna or as Satyabhama, who actually killed the demon Narakasura, an event that is celebrated as Diwali for generations.


  1. Goa and Konkan

Goa and konkan

Diwali begins in Konkan and Goa on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. On the eve of Naraka Charurdashi, paper-made effigies of Narakasura, filled with grass and firecrackers symbolizing evil are made and are burnt at around four o’clock in the morning. Firecrackers are burst and people return home to take a scented oil bath after which the women perform aarti of the men, gifts are exchanged, a bitter berry called kareet is crushed under the feet in token of killing Narkasur, symbolising evil and removal of ignorance.


  1. Maharashtra


Naraka Chaturdashi: On this day people get up early in the morning and take their bath before sunrise while stars are still visible. Bathing is an elaborate process on this day with abundant use of utnas, oils and perfumes, and is preceded by an Aarti. The day after Naraka Chaturdashi comes Lakshmi-pooja. New account books are opened after a pooja.


  1. Odisha


On Diwali night, many parts of Odisha celebrate Kali Puja particularly in Puri, Bhadrak, Rourkela, Cuttack & Jajpur area. In every Odiya home, the day starts with drawing sailboat shaped rangolis which is filled with cotton, salt, mustard, turmeric and a wild creeper in front of the house. This marks the beginning of Puja. Tarpanam, the ritual meant to invoke the spirits of the ancestors. Immediately after the dusk, all members of household gather for lighting Kaunria (pith of the jute plant).


  1. Telangana


Sri Kedareswara Vratham is held on Amavasya called Nomu which is very sacredly performed. There is special thread called the ‘Nomu Dhara’ which is tied to the worshiper’s right hand after performing puja. The Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped and food, fruits, nuts, in multiples of 21 are placed in twin winnow as offering to God, new clothes, area nuts, food arranged in plaintain leaf is offered as Naivedya, Adrasam or Kajjaya is a savoury made of rice flour and jaggery then deep fried is specially prepared on this day.


  1. Uttar Pradesh

 uttar pradesh

Diwali is the most important festival in this predominantly Hindu state and is celebrated with great vigour and gaiety. The ghats of Varanasi come alive with thousands of brightly lit earthen lamps. Visitors throng in large numbers to watch this. Fairs and art festivals are held in the state, a venue for fun and shopping.


  1. West Bengal, Northeast Bihar and Assam

 Northeast bihar, assam

Kali Puja is light-up night for West Bengal, Mithila region of Bihar and Assam. Kali Puja coincides with the festival of Diwali where people light diyas/candles in memory of the souls of departed ancestors. The goddess Kali is worshipped for one whole night. Many people also celebrate this festival by lighting earthen lamps which is a significance of Lord Ram winning over the evil Ravana.


Enthusiastically enjoyed by people of every religion, the festival’s magical and radiant touch creates an atmosphere of joy and festivity. So, celebration is a must! To choose the most happening venues for your diwali party, log on to www.venuemonk.com









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