First Birthday Party Ideas

So, your little baby is about to turn one! Time to celebrate! VenueMonk brings you a list of fun filled first birthday party ideas that will make your celebration the most memorable. Have a look:

1. The Theme


Mickey Theme

First of all, finalise a theme for the party. The theme can be either a barbie theme party for girls and mickey mouse theme party for boys or any other cartoon character that your child loves.

2. Decoration

Decoration for first Birthday Party

The decoration is the most important element of your party so that it can be remembered by your guests for quite a long time. It may include banners of your baby’s pictures of each month. How about it?

3. Party Accessories


The party accessories may depend upon the theme. If you choose a mickey-mouse theme then probably you can have the mickey-mouse ears for your guests.

4. Birthday Cake


first Birthday Party Cake

You can choose the cake according to your theme or just opt for a normal cake that you like. Choose a cake that is completely fabulous looking and delicious at the same time.

5. The Baby’s Dress

first Birthday Party dress


All the eyes would be on the little baby boy or girl. So, choose a dress that suits the theme or a dress of your choice that makes your baby the centre of attraction.

6. Party Games

first Birthday Party Game Ideas

You must plan certain games to entertain the little ones in the party. Some party games that will make them enjoy can be passing the parcel and musical chair.

7. Return Gifts

first Birthday Party Return Gifts

first Birthday Party Return Gift Ideas

Return gifts are a must in a party. Plan and prepare in advance about what you want the little goers to take along with them.

Hope the ideas would help you and your family to have an inexplicably awesome time on your little one’s special day. To find out the perfect venues to celebrate your little one’s first birthday, log on to

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