Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties !


Abhi to party shuru hui hai! So, dear folks let the craziness and excitement reach its highest level. And for this, VenueMonk brings a list of amazing drinking game ideas that you and your buddies would love to indulge in. Have a look:

1. I Never

i never - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

I Never is a great game to play with good friends. Each player takes turns making a true statement in the form of “I’ve never…”.  It is another fun way to get to know everyone. The goal of the game is to think of a statement where the group will drink all at the same time. Like most drinking games, it all gets a lot more fun as the game gets drunker.

2. The Name game

the name game - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

The Name Game is a good emergency icebreaker game, since it requires no props except for alcohol and basic spelling ability. Someone begins the game by saying the first and last name of someone famous. The next person says the name of a famous person whose name begins with the first letter of the last name of the previous famous person. The drinking happens when a player can’t immediately rattle off a name and the player must continue to drink until he comes up with a name.

3. Word drinking game

The word drinking game - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

Pick a word no one is allowed to say and whoever says it has to drink. You don’t have to choose complex words and instead choose common ones, such as “it”, “and” or “so”. Ban the words “no” or “yes”. That way, you can start tripping players up, by asking yes/no questions.

4. Fast Questions

fast questions - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

This party drinking game’s a fun bonding game, with everyone taking turns to quiz one another. The first questioner calls out another player by name and asks them a yes/no question, which must be answered immediately. This answerer then asks another player a question, without pausing. Their question needs to be different to the previous one. And the punishment of pausing is drinking beer.

5. Sixes

Sixes - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

Line up six empty cups in a row, making sure they’re different sizes. Each cup is designated a number, 1 through 6. Someone begins the game, by rolling one dice. The number they throw will correspond with a cup. Fill this cup to the top with beer for the player to chug down fast. When they’re done, another person takes the dice. Once this party drinking game’s underway, you may find players hoping they’ll get the smallest cup.

6. Thumper

thumper - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

This is a fun game for the theatrically inclined. Each player chooses a gesture to represent his/herself over the course of the game. The first player performs her own gesture and then signals another player by performing his gesture. That next player must respond by repeating his own gesture, then signalling another player, and so on. If anyone hesitates or fails to respond or recall a gesture, they must drink.

7. Master of the Thumb

thumb master - Amazing Drinking Game Ideas for Parties

This is a fun little addition to any drinking game. At the beginning of each game, one player is named the Master of the Thumb. At any point during the game, the Master of the Thumb may slyly place her thumb on the table. As the other players notice this, they must also place their own thumb discreetly on the table. The last player to put his thumb on the table has to drink.


So folks, keep calm and party all night! Turn your boring parties to fun filled and pretty awesome ones by trying the above drinking games. If you desire a banquet hall or any other party venue, log on to


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