Ten Most Alcoholic Cocktails in the World

Attracted by the pretty coloured cocktails? Don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance as these are made with hardly any mixers and high proof alcohol. VenueMonk brings you a list of the most alcoholic cocktails. Have a look:


1. Zombie


It’s a smooth, fruity cocktail originally served heated. It is made with three different kinds of rum, lime juice, falernum, Angostura bitters, Pernod. The cocktail is so strong that the restaurants limit their customers to two Zombies a piece.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Three types of rum: 40 per cent ABV
  • Pernod: 40 per cent ABV
  • Angostura bitters: 44.7 per cent ABV

2. Jungle Juice


This cocktail is made from fresh fruits which have been steeped overnight in an entirely bottle of grain alcohol before being served up, in the style of punch, to unsuspecting drinkers.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • 1 litre bottle of grain alcohol: 95 per cent ABV

3. Death in the Afternoon


A classic concoction of champagne and absinthe, this luxe cocktail is also called ‘Hemingway Champagne’. The drink rarely appears on menus but can be ordered from bartenders.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Absinthe: 45 per cent ABV
  • Champagne: 12 per cent alcohol

4. Aunt Roberta

aunt roberta

Gin, Vodka, Absinthe, brandy and blackberry liquor are mixed together in equal parts for a dastardly drink that will certainly pack a punch. Aunt Roberta is considered to be the strongest by some with absolutely no mixers.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Gin: 40 per cent alcohol
  • Vodka: 40 per cent alcohol
  • Brandy: 40 per cent alcohol
  • Blackberry liquor: 40 per cent alcohol
  • Absinthe: 45 per cent alcohol

5. Nicolashka


The Russian Nicolashka comprises a double shot vodka, espresso powder, lemon and sugar and is typically an after dinner drink. It is a relatively simple but a strong drink.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Vodka: 40 per cent ABV

6. Sazerac


The coating of Absinthe on the inside of the chilled glass is what adds extra potency to the drink. The higher the alcohol content of the whisky you use, the more lethal the drink becomes.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Rye whiskey: 80 per cent ABV

7. Caribou Lou

caribou lou

A surprisingly pleasant tasting drink made from 151 rum, pineapple juice and Mallibu. It’s incredibly easy to make this drink and is not on the top of the list of most alcoholic cocktails.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • 151 Rum: 75.5 per cent ABV
  • Malibu: 35 per cent ABV

8. Long Island Ice Tea


Made with five types of alcohol gin, vodka, tequila, rum and triple sec, this unbelievably alcoholic drink is made palatable by the addition of sweet soda and sour mix.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Gin: 40 per cent ABV
  • Vodka: 40 per cent ABV
  • Tequila: 40 per cent ABV
  • Rum: 40 per cent ABV
  • Triple Sec: 40 per cent ABV

9. Bone Dry Martini

Bone Dry Martini

It is one of the oldest cocktails around. A martini is made using either gin or vodka with the addition of vermouth. The drink is also called ‘Pass the Bottle’.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Gin: 40 per cent ABV
  • Vodka: 40 per cent ABV

10. Negroni


This classic Italian cocktail is made with gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. It’s a mind-blowing drink which can tip you over the edge if you have more than one.

What makes this so alcoholic?

  • Gin: 40 per cent ABV
  • Campari: 25 per cent ABV
  • Vermouth: 15 per cent ABV


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