7 Rules To Abide By At Any Party Hotspot For A Safe Party!

Yes you got that right! VenueMonk brings you guidelines to be followed for your safety at any party venue to keep away from drunk party-goers, inebriated drivers, under-trained bouncers and other such unsafe elements. Have a look:

1. ‘Friends’- The Saviours

Partying with friends

The best idea to visit any party is with “friends”. Starting from keeping an eye on the cute stranger who might drug your drink, to taking away the key from you if you have knocked back a few too many drinks, from taking a cab ride back together, to catching a smooth pick- pocket who might take advantage of your inattentiveness, travelling with friends makes you less vulnerable to troubles, particularly in the hands of unknown creeps out there waiting to take advantage.


2. Big ‘No’ to Street Partiers

A sober clubber in Sweden.

Inebriated out-of- control party people, some of them creating scenes are to be avoided! While, there are also others who drink in the car and incidents like youngsters jumping on the car roof shall be witnessed. Keep distance from them! Always be careful and stay away from any group which seems suspicious.


3. Attentiveness is a must


The most important thing is to be attentive when inside the party or outside. If you listen to headphones, talk on the phone, or keep staring at the phone screen, you run the chances of getting caught off guard. Keep away from drunk drivers who show tell-tale signs like stopping abruptly, driving rashly, making wide turns, etc.


4. Dealing with Untrained Bouncers

Untrained Bouncer

There are some venues where you’ll come across undertrained and also untrained bouncers who only bag the job because of their physical strength and intimidating frame. They do not have any eligibility or capability to handle the patrons, and often end up assaulting and insulting them. So it is advisable to be on your best behaviour and avoid getting into trouble with those fellows. Remember, not to be rude with them!


5. Strangers should Always be avoided


There are simple and effective ways to keep strangers away so as to avoid any kind of theft, injury or assault. Never accept drink from anyone you don’t know and never leave your drink unattended. Drink less, especially if you can’t hold your liquor. People who are evidently liquored up are more likely to become easy targets. Your body-language will help to keep such people away like crossing arms and giving a cold shoulder. Also, take care of the smooth-talkers!


6. Dealing with Security Problems


party security

The security system of most venues these days is questionable which includes the untrained bouncers. Delinquents often sneak in narcotics or sharp objects. You should be careful and be ready to safeguard yourself. Partying does not mean consuming buckets of alcohol together. Also, you should leave the venue well in time to avoid the last minute rush. So, don’t wait till the closing hour strikes.


7. In case of an Emergency


In time of an emergency such as a fire, don’t lose your calm. Remember that there will be dozens of intoxicated people around you who will be in only half their senses creating ruckus in a panic-stricken state. You must follow the instructions for exit from the building as given. Plus, there are the bouncers ready to manhandle the vulnerable drunk people. Keep calm, so that you do not become part of the crowd that requires any kind of handling.


So folks, never forget to follow the above mentioned guidelines for a safe party experience. And, to book happening venues for your celebration, don’t forget visit to venuemonk.com

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