The Most Obvious Feelings of a Would Be Bride

A bride-to-be being in lime light feels a lot of pride. With new hopes new dreams in her eyes, with love with joy, with excitement and with nervousness, a girl on the brink of her D-day goes through many emotions that make her glitter with grace. Feelings such as:

1. Fear


Whether the wedding is love or arranged, it brings along fears especially for the bride who has to face and adjust in a completely new environment with new people. So, the fear of what, when, where, how most of the time haunts her.


2. Insecurity


Marriage is associated with insecurities. Insecurity of the bride being appreciated by the new family or not. If it’s an arranged marriage one is anxious and would keep on thinking if love would happen. On the contrary the love marriages make one fearful about the love staying or not.


3. Happiness


Going to become a part of a new family, leave your own members and still happy? It’s love that surpasses all the other feelings. Feel the happiness and let other things go on.


4. Love


Love plays the most vital role in any marriage. It is the justification of all the other weird feelings that hit your head very often. So, it’s time to get love and be loved.


5. Sadness


Leaving one’s own parents and home is definitely a saddening part associated with marriage for girls. There a thousand times you cry due to this but it definitely takes courage to leave your own home and accept the other family as your own.


These are some very strong emotions which only a bride preparing for the ultimate walk can feel. You can help her feel special by choosing the most beautiful and special venue by visiting

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