Unique Ways to Use Mirrors in Wedding Decor

Bored of the regular old wedding décor done with flowers, carpets and various other accessories? Mirrors these days add new freshness in the wedding planning domain. So, VenueMonk brings you a list of innovative and unique ideas of using Mirrors in your wedding. Have a look:


  1. As Table Mats

Table Mats

Mirrors can be used for making table placement mats for the guest tables in the wedding or could also be used as beautiful mirror table numbers so as to avoid them the difficulty of finding the correct tables.

   2. As Center Stage

Center Stage

The backdrop of the centre stage is a great idea to be decorated with innovative and antique mirrors along with flowers to give it a really charming look.

   3. At the Bar


The bar at the wedding venue can be made with the help of mirrors which will create a catchy effect with the reflection of alcohol bottles.

   4. Mirror Curtains

mirror curtain

Say No to cloth curtains and opt for mirror strings that act as curtains to give your wedding venue a charming and opulent look.

   5. As Signage’s


The mirrors can be used as signages with beautiful calligraphy done on them at the entrance of the wedding venue. It is a great way to welcome the guests, to display dinner/lunch menu and to announce the wedding with names of the bride and the groom.

   6. As Table Tops

Table Tops

Mirrors accompanied with candles can serve as beautiful table tops in any wedding.


So, folks implement these elegant and mesmerising wedding decor ideas to make your wedding even more opulent! To book the best venues for your wedding, visit venuemonk.com




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