The Most WOW Bridal Entrance Songs

So, you want to make a grand entrance? Or perhaps, you’d prefer a meaningful song or something that starts off slow but builds up to a crescendo?

All the ‘to-be brides’ forget this confusion and checkout the most WOW bridal entrance song list by VenueMonk:

1. Latikas Theme Song

The music is kind of innocent and shy. It is perfect for the Indian bride and a song that quite frankly has not been done to death. It sounds fresh, Indian but with a contemporary twist.

2. Din Shagun Da

This is actually a very pretty bridal track ever! It maintains its charm throughout and is perfect for a bride’s entry.

3. Karunesh by Punjab

The music is quite rustic and sets the mood perfectly for the brides entrance. Enough to give people goosebumps when you enter.

4. O Re Piya

This popular track is a great balance between being mainstream Bollywood but is still unique and eclectic and not completely commercial.

5. Heer

If you are a Bollywood buff then ‘Heer’ is definitely for you. The song and its lyrics are extremely beautiful.

6. Kabira Encore

You can take this song from the female voice and the music is appropriate with relevant lyrics.

7. Raabta- Unplugged

It is possibly one of the most romantic songs of our time, and this unplugged raw version is haunting and subtle- perfect for the entry.


So brides, stop thinking and pick any of these tracks for your entry & to find WOW venues for your celebration, visit

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