Best Wedding Hairstyles for Indian Brides and Grooms

So, started the preparations for your D day? But, confused about the hairstyles that’ll go best with your trousseau? Don’t worry! VenueMonk is here with a list of excellent hairdo ideas that will suit your attire and do wonders to your look. Check out the list:


Hair do’s for Brides:

1. For Long Hair

wedding hairstyle4

This hairstyle is the most unique and popular of all.  It goes extremely well with the traditional outfit and looks glamorous.

2. For the South-Indian brides

wedding hairstyle1

This is the most perfect hairstyle for any South Indian bride since they accessorize quite well and this hairstyle can be beautifully embellished with flowers and various accessories.

3. The Bun Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle3


wedding hairstyle5


A bun is always in and is admired by almost every bride. It looks the most beautiful and elegant.

4. The Classic Bun Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle6

This kind of a bun which is accompanied by a maang tika and any other accessory. It is extremely gorgeous enhances the beauty of the bride.

5. The Babette Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle2

This kind of hairstyle suits all those brides who boast of their long and voluminous hair. One can also add jewels and flowers to this hairdo such that it looks all the more elegant.


Hair Do’s for Grooms:

1. The Spiky Look

wedding hairstyle8

This look is the most refreshing and a bit of beard makes them stand out. It goes well with a western outfit.

2. The Stylish look

wedding hairstyle9

This is the most contemporary look and it goes well with all sorts of outfits.

3. The Pagadi

wedding hairstyle10

Grooms also have an option of choosing a beautiful pagadi which suits their traditional outfit and it will give them an amazing look.


So, now that your problem of choosing the perfect hairstyle is solved, get rid of your confusion of the venues. To book the best venues for your celebration, visit

One thought on “Best Wedding Hairstyles for Indian Brides and Grooms

  1. Superb!! During wedding time, Hairstyles also plays an important part and if it is done properly then the personality is enhanced. I loved the South Indian brides hairstyles. Even for men, the stylish look is simply great.. Thank you for the post and keep on updating with more such useful and simple tips.


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