‘Make Up’ Tips for your Summer Wedding!

This summer bring out the best in you without worrying about any make-up meltdown because we at VenueMonk bring you extremely essential make up tips which will let you stand gorgeous in the summer sun. Have a look:


1. Avoid Moisturizer

 Avoid Moisturiser - ‘Make Up’ Tips for your Summer Wedding!

Yes, you should avoid moisturizer for a day and instead switch to a light weight, oil free primer before applying make up. Choose a primer which creates a perfect canvas for applying foundation.

2. The Foundation

foundation - ‘Make Up’ Tips for your Summer Wedding! 

Firstly, choose a foundation according to your skin tone. Water based foundations are the best choice irrespective of any weather because they blend well and fix all blemishes giving you a glowing layer for your make up.

3. The Blusher

blusher - ‘Make Up’ Tips for your Summer Wedding!

After the layer of foundation, don’t forget to apply a glorifying blusher matching your skin tone depending on your natural skin tone and the colour of your bridal attire.

4. Waterproof Your Eyes

 eyes - ‘Make Up’ Tips for your Summer Wedding!

And, after the waterproof foundation, it’s time for waterproofing your eyes. One is suggested to use a gel liner and kohl along with a waterproof mascara. You can also apply a coloured liner for an enhanced look.

5. For your Lips

 lipshade -‘Make Up’ Tips for your Summer Wedding!

It is advisable to use a bright pink, orange or a red shade if the event is in evening. While for daytime events one must consider nude shades like peach and light pink.


So, now you’re all set for your summer wedding. To, book happening venues near you for your celebration, visit www.venuemonk.com

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