5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Glam!

Be it any celebration, party or a wedding, a makeup that suits you the best is a must. So, to help you out, VenueMonk brings you makeup tips which will make you look absolutely stunning. Have a look:

1. Get the Base

 makeup base 5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Glam!

Here, the principle of minimalism is to be followed for a perfect base. One should apply evenly minimum foundation pressed further with a powder blush. Spread it evenly across the neck, chin and ears. You can also apply concealer to cover those under eye dark circles.

2. Let the Eyes Talk

 eye makeup1 5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Glam!

The focus should be drawn on the eyes with a cream shadow base. It is advisable to use metallic silver or gold tone as this will suit any of the outfits. You can also opt for a smoky eyes look which will give a dramatic effect. But make sure, you apply liner and kohl along with two-three coats of mascara to get the desired look.

3. Lovely Lips


Beautiful girl applying red lipstick, silver holder

Choose the lip shade according to your skin tone and also make sure that your lips are silent, while your eyes speak! It is advisable to choose a lipstick that gives a glossy finish.

4. Perfect Hairdo

hairstyle 5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Glam!

Your hairstyle is another important thing that’ll be needing your attention. All you need is comb, bobby pins and rubber bands. Choose a hairstyle that best suits you and goes well with your dress. You can opt for a messy bun with a lehenga or even an evening gown. You can also go for a fish braid or a twisted side braid in case of long hair.

5. Smell Gorgeous

 perfume 5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Glam!

Ladies, it’s time for you to choose amongst your favourite brands and dab it across your ears, back, wrists and back of the elbows and you are set to rock.


So, ladies follow these tips and then you are all set for the celebration! To book the most happening venues for your celebration, visit www.venuemonk.com

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