5 Wedding Blunders You need to Avert!

Anyone who has walked down the aisle knows that planning a wedding is quite intimidating! So, VenueMonk brings you the biggest planning mistakes to learn by:

1. Mailing the invites too early

Indian Wedding Invitation

Of course, it is tantalizing to tell everyone about your wedding date. But it is not a good idea to send out save-the-dates too soon unless you are ready with the complete guest list. So, it is better to plan invites carefully.

2. Starting your makeup and hairdo too late

Indian Bridal Makeup

You don’t want your makeup to fade before you get hitched, right ? Your stylists are likely to get you late if you’re last in the queue. Scheduling the appointments on time will get you through!

Wedding Delhi Deal

3. Whisking all your fashion budget only on the dress

Consider your all round budget, and not just your wedding attire. Keep your accessories, shoes and jewelry in check as well. Go for a more planned approach and include all the essentials.

4. Skipping the photographer

How do you want your big day to be remembered? More the pictures, more it will make you feel alive later. Rejuvenate your memories with these pictures!

Wedding Gurgaon Deal

5. Poor catering services

Indian Wedding Catering


No matter where you hold the wedding, make sure you do not compromise with the food. Know how to feed your crowd well! This is one of the most important aspects of a successful wedding.

Plan well, or soon your wedding would be a part of this video…watch !

So folks, plan smart and make your big day most memorable of all ! Visit us at www.venuemonk.com for the most exciting wedding venues. Happy Wedding Planning!

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