6 Romantic Wedding Poses for Indian Couples that is a Must !

Your D-Day is an ever cherished affair and so are all the photographs that speak volumes about the love, those moments and the grandeur. So, VenueMonk brings to all the couples a list of romantic wedding poses that should be a must in your photographs that preserve the beautiful moments for a lifetime. Have a look:

1. Go all Candid!


Candid shots are the best ones amongst all photographs that will bring a smile on your lovely faces when you both together watch your wedding album.

2. The Wedding Vows

wedding vows

There’s no best feeling than having your wedding vows perfectly captured so that you can relive them each time you see those clicks.

3. Some Intimate Posing


This one’s really the most beautiful and every couple’s secret wish to capture some romantic close moments which will be definitely soul-gratifying.

4. Hand Held Clicks


Don’t forget to get clicked while you are holding hands! It is a depiction of your never ending love for your significant other.

5. The Romantic Silhouette


Get a dreamy black and white silhouette shot of your romantic moments.

6. Get Clicked while Dancing


Don’t forget to capture your lovely dance moments that can be cherished later on.


So, couples prepare yourself to get clicked with such romantic shots on your D day. And, to book amazing venues for your wedding, visit www.venuemonk.com

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