Planning a Destination Wedding, the Do’s and Don’ts!

Tying the knot at a far off locus ? Though, having a destination wedding is perfectly romantic but planning it requires more than just booking the venue. VenueMonk brings you the do’s and don’ts for your special day! Have a look:


1. Choose an easy to get to location! 

Select a location that is easy to get to. It takes more than just the amazing backdrop to make the wedding successful. Too many stopovers might disappoint your guests.

2. Hire a wedding planner. 

Since you are planning the wedding from far away, you must hire a wedding planner to avoid the last minute mess. This will help you personalize your wedding according to your tastes. Go for a planner who has planned a wedding at the same destination before as yours.

3. Send the invites early. 

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Mail the official invites at least a month before the wedding so that the guests can book their travel on time. This will head off any chaos to the guests later.

4. Negotiate for discounts. 

In order to host your destination wedding at a resort or hotel, identify the number of rooms you need for the guests and negotiate for group discounts while booking.

5. Get your wedding budget ready beforehand. 

Before you actually start working on the idea of your destination wedding, prepare your wedding budget. This will help you organise things better according to your needs and will actually save gobs of money!

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1. Leave the guests to figure out their journey all on their own. 

You are inviting your guests to a place that they might not be familiar with, help them know how to move around. Provide the pick-up and drop-off facility to the guests from nearby properties.

2.  Neglect the backup location. 

It’s obvious to get swept away by the beauty of the place, but do not forget to keep a check on the backup indoor option in case of any uncertain weather conditions.

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3. Mess with the climate. 

If you are planning the wedding at an outdoor location, do consider the weather conditions before you book the venue. Check for the climatic conditions during that month of the year.

4. Pop for your guests’ airfare. 

As far as the destination weddings are concerned, couples are not expected to pay for the guests’ travel. However, you can alleviate some of the cost if you have guests that can not afford the trip expenses but are important to you.

5. Invite all and sundry. 

Though it is possible to have a large destination wedding, most of the couples prefer to keep the occasion a bit intimate. 40-50 guests is an ideal number for a destination wedding!

Follow these few tips and have a magical destination wedding. Make the best out of your day. Good Luck!

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