Forget all the Pre Wedding Jitters! Follow these tips. . .

Pre Wedding jitters are a really common scenario amongst all the brides-to-be. But, calm yourself down by reading these tips to get rid of your whim-whams by VenueMonk:

1. Forget all your worries

forgetting worries

You can get rid of your jitters only when you stop worrying.  Make yourself clear about no problem is solved with worries and also stop bothering yourself about the smallest of things. Calm yourself by thinking about the quality time you’ve spent with your partner making yourself realise that there’s reason to be worried about anything.

2. Sleeping Well

sleep well

One of the main reasons for being stressed out is not getting a good sound sleep after all day’s shopping and other preparations. So, the most important of all is to sleep for atleast 6-7 hours to relax yourself.

3. Don’t run away from your fears

fear (2)

Jitters thrive on fears and one should learn to accept them. This will only lead to improvements in oneself helping gain self-confidence and removing the wedding jitters.

4. Hangout with your friends

hangout with your bestie

Yes, take a break from your wedding preparations and chill with your friends. It is a great way to cut off from stress and will also help you regain clarity in your busy life.

5. Accept and Acknowledge


One has to accept the jitters one is experiencing in order to get rid of them. Accepting and Acknowledging the fact that it is a part of your wedding and will soon pass will give you the motivation and relaxation.


So, brides enjoy your ceremonies by removing your jitters by following the above tips. To book happening venues for your celebration, visit

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