5 Games to Make the Meeting Fun and Encouraging!

Tired of boring meetings? Create an environment for creative thinking. How about a game storming session in a work meeting? Games are fun! Make the most of the meeting by adding something out of the ordinary to your boring meetings. So, VenueMonk brings you fun ideas to increase engagement and creativity. Here’s how:

1. Sell Idea in a Box

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It is important to find ways to engage everyone! So, this game is all about designing a box physically as a team to sell an idea. The box should be so designed that it gives a fair view regarding what the idea is all about. And then, make them sell their idea in a box!

2. The Anti-Problem

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The purpose of this game is to get the employees evaluate the problem from a different perspective and know more about the actual problem. Ask them to Solve a problem opposite to the current problem!  Say, your goal is to increase the sales of your product, ask the players to solve How do you minimise the sales of your product?

3.  Brain Writing

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Getting multiple ideas from the original idea! Heard about the passing game? Yes, that is what the game is all about. Start with a topic and ask the players to pen down an idea for that topic. And then, start the passing game! Fly the cards to the next player and generate an idea inspired by the original idea. Continue till multiple ideas are floating on each card!

4. The Talking Stick

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So, the game is basically about making the discussion more involving! The traditional one-by-one way is boring and predictable at the same time. Use a stick or a button to randomise the process by randomly giving it to a player to speak their idea. And pass it to the player who is yet to share his idea. Randomness will increase participants’ attention!

5. Trading Cards


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All about getting to know each other better!  The recipe to this is to make every player create a personal trading card portraying their nickname and the one thing that is unique to them. Pass around the cards until a question is raised. And you know them better!

So, get out of your oh-so-boring meetings and create an innovative environment. To book the best corporate meeting venues, visit us at www.venuemonk.com


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