5 Most Romantic Wedding Trends to Set the Perfect Wedding Mood!

Soon to walk down the aisle? Create a magical event on this special day with these simple yet most eye-catching elements of all time. VenueMonk brings you the most romantic elements for a perfect wedding mood!

1. Incredible Lighting

image result for incredible lighting at indian weddings image result for incredible lighting at indian weddings

Photo: Hitched & Clicked

A perfect lighting is enough to create a warm and soothing atmosphere. Letter lights, string lights or hanging candles can be used to create a romantic setting. Add the warmth by giving a vintage touch to your wedding this season!

2. Music

Image result for music at Indian weddings

Music is what feelings sound like! Create the most romantic atmosphere by choosing a song that fits your own style and story. Every song produces its own romantic ambiance to a traditional setting.

3. Gorgeous Florals

image result for gorgeous florals at indian weddings image result for gorgeous florals at indian weddings

If you are looking for something more traditional, floral decorations are the best to use. From tall centerpieces to orchid table centers, floral decoration is the most natural way to decorate your ceremony space. Matching flowers are a great way to add texture!

4. Inventive Seating

Image result for inventive seating at indian weddings

Photo: The Story Weaves

While a well laid out plan is an important part of any wedding, choosing a creative seating pattern is more romantic! Having an end-to-end long table seating is also a great option to ensure a more personal environment.

5. Warm Colours

Image result for vibrant colors at indian weddings

Photo: Serendipitous smiles

Add a touch of shine to your reception by using both elegant and vibrant colours. Elegant colours provide a relaxed and beautiful wedding environment.

So, all the to-be-married couples, make your big day magical by implementing these ideas at your wedding. Visit wwww.venuemonk.com for wedding venues.


Cover Image: Cupcake Productions

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