6 Best Places in Gurgaon to Celebrate Your Kids Birthday Party !

To have a memorable Birthday Party for your Kid, you need three things:

  1. Theme decoration which your child and his/her friends would love
  2. Games ! Lots of Birthday Party Games which your kid would love to play with his/her friends
  3. Good food, which would automatically ensure that the kids eat well while they enjoy the party

We at VenueMonk would like to help you plan the Best Birthday Party for your Kid at the lowest price and hence here we share the list of 6 Best Venues in Gurgaon to Celebrate Your Kids Birthday Party:

1. Hang Out, Cyber Hub

With its unique Jungle theme, it is the coolest party destination for kids in Gurgaon. It caters to kids of all ages and offers different play areas for babies, toddlers, older children, teens and parents. It also has many cartoon Mascot’s which hangs out with the kids and celebrates the party with them making the birthday a memorable one.


hangout-cyber-hub-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-2 hangout-cyber-hub-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-3

To view Kids Birthday Party Packages for Hang Out, click here.

2. Oh My Game, Sector 50

Its the biggest Laser Tag arena in India with an amazing gaming centre and much more. It brings you the ultimate kids play area with multi-stories so that your kids can have the ultimate fun! Its a huge 4500 square feet setting with dozens of options to play and eat.



To view Kids Birthday Party Packages for Oh My Game, click here.

3. Smaaash, Cyber Hub

Smaaash will surely make your kid’s friends go speechless with never seen before birthday party! With 13 different attractions including Virtual Reality Games, Cricket, Super Keeper, 20+ arcade games, mouth-watering food and theme party options your kid will have his/her dream birthday party.

smaaash-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-1 smaaash-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-2 smaaash-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-3

To view Kids Birthday Party Packages for Smaaash, click here.

4. Aapno Ghar Amusement Park, Sector 77

Best venue for a get-away kids birthday party. With different venue options like banquet hall and party lawn along with lush green adventure park, thrilling water park and mouth watering food, it’s the best venue option for a get-away kids birthday party in Gurgaon.

aapno-ghar-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-1 aapno-ghar-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-2 aapno-ghar-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-3

To view Kids Birthday Party Packages for Aapno Ghar, click here.

5. Oysters Beach Water Park, Sector 29

Spread over 10 acres, the Beach Themed Park is a collection of 15 signature rides unique to India making it a very unique venue to celebrate your Kids Birthday Party. They have perfectly themed banquet and lawn facility which can accomodate upto 2000 guests.

oysters-beach-water-park-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-3 oysters-beach-water-park-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-2 oysters-beach-water-park-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-1

To view Kids Birthday Party Packages for Oysters Beach Water Park, click here.

6. Jungle Jamboree, Sector 29

Jungle and Aqua themed restaurant would leave you spellbound with its beautiful ambience. If your kid is a nature lover and likes experiencing the wild, this is the perfect place to celebrate his/her birthday party.

jungle-jamboree-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-1 jungle-jamboree-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-2 jungle-jamboree-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-3 jungle-jamboree-gurgaon-kids-birthday-party-venue-4

To view Kids Birthday Party Packages for Jungle Jamboree, click here.

So what are you waiting for? We have shortlisted the best venues for you, all you need to do is finalize one & Party with your Kid!

And remember, if you are planning your Kid’s Birthday Party for the first time, our event experts are just a click (www.venuemonk.com) / call (+91-9717779251) away, ready to help you 24/7.

PS: You can view the whole collection along with packages here.

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