Best New Year’s Eve Party Games..

Hey! So, let’s welcome 2017 with a lot of fun this time. How about introducing some amazing games with foot tapping music in the backdrop? Sounds Perfect! VenueMonk brings you a list of party games for your New Year celebration, let’s explore:

1. The Happy New Year Game

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Ever thought how they wish Happy New Year in different countries? If  not, let’s give it a try this time. Explore how the phrase is said in different languages and countries and shoutout to 2017 with a whole new effect.

2. The Whisper Game

Related image

What goes around, doesn’t come around! Yes, the game is all about introducing a whole new funny phrase at the end of the session. All you have to do is to start with a nice phrase and whisper it to the next. See how it goes terribly wrong!

3. Word Guess

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So, here comes an interesting game. Write down a few words on seperate cards and shuffle. Start with one person drawing a card and inact the word to the other members before the time’s up!

4. Musical Chairs

Image result for musical chairs

And, if you have kids along with you at the party, you really need to have something planned for them too. This is n easy fun game for kids, wherein you place some chairs and let the music play! With every round a chair is removed and the one who manages to have a chair till the end wins the games.

Also, you can make the adults at the party go nostalgic playing this fun game and revive their old times!

5. Resolutions and lies

Image result for new year resolutions and lies

So, here’s something interesting to try hands on. The game is simple, you just have to tell your resolution and a lie, and the rest of the lot has to guess which one’s a lie!

6. Cards and more!

Image result for card games

Last but not the least, our very old traditional card games for any reunions or parties. There are a variety of such games including UNO, Bluff, etc. Just make sure to keep everyone engaged. Enjoy!

So, make the most of 2016 while waiting to step into 2017 with your friends and family. Let the countdown begin!

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