The Essentials for your Kids Big Hero Six Party!

Muddled up regarding how to surprise your big hero on his most special day? VenueMonk brings to you the must haves for the same which make your work easier. Have a look:

1. Dessert Table


A dessert table comprising creative Baymax paper lanterns along with some toy figures of the same and a big poster in the background is a must to surprise your kid.

2. San Fransokyo Cake


The San Fransokyo cake shall be the highlight of the party with a nighttime skyline along with various characters of the theme.

3. The Balloons

baymax balloons.jpg

You can also opt for Baymax balloons while making a Baymax centrepiece with a white foil stick balloon.

4. Big Hero 6 Décor

baymax decor.jpg

Let your party be the most happening and choose the Big Hero 6 décor and your kid will love it.

5. Bento Box

bento box.jpg

Serve your guests with a Big Hero 6 ‘bento box’ lunch featuring all the Big Hero 6 characters.


So, now that you’re done with the planning for your special event, choose the most happening venue for the same. Log on to to book exciting venues near you!

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