7 Steps to Plan a Perfect First Birthday Party for Your Kid!

Your baby’s first birthday is an occasion worthy of celebration! A  little planning and preparation and you are all set for this special day. Having a kid at home is such a bliss, make it the most memorable day when your baby turns 1! So, VenueMonk brings you the entire list and key points to be taken care of, to plan an unforgettable celebration for your kid’s first birthday party! Here you are:

1. Guest List and Invitations!

Image result for invitation for boy's first birthday party

Image result for invitation for kids first birthday party

Once you have decided to celebrate your first year of Parenthood, you should be ready with your guest list and the invitations. Send the invites on time in order to avoid any chaos later. Make it an intimate gathering, if you wish and follow the theme you are planning to have for your party while selecting the invitation cards. You can also opt for online invitations.

2. Venue

Image result for jungle jamboree for first birthday party

Image result for jungle jamboree for first birthday party

This is the first step to planning a perfect party. Choose a venue that is fairly big enough to accommodate your guests and then think of the theme for your party or else, go for a themed restaurant. Select a venue that matches all your requirements like the ambience, etc.

Book the best venue for your little one at  www.venuemonk.com and let us plan your event.

3. Theme

Theme will add more fun to the party and excite the kids. This should be a must on the list. There are a lot of theme ideas for your child’s birthday celebration. Here are some theme ideas for you!

Disney Themes

Mickey Theme

Image result for disney themes for first birthday party for girls candid photography

Fairy tale Theme

Image result for fairytale themes for first birthday party for girls candid photography

Jungle Theme

Photo: Sneha Mohanty

These are a few ideas for deciding upon a theme. A fairy tale theme for the dolls and Disney Mickey Mouse theme for boys can make the kids go more excited. Go for a decor matching your theme. Decide on your theme so that you can prepare accordingly. Say, for a Disney Theme, decorate the venue with Disney character posters.

Order all the party supplies, decorations, banners and gift bags at www.funcart.in

4.  Party Outfits

Image result for invitation cards for indian girls first birthday party

Photo: Sneha Mohanty

Your little love has finally turned one, so she should look like one! Get her the most beautiful attire for this day that perfectly matches the theme. After all, everything has to go with the theme.

Shop for amazing kids party outfits at www.firstcry.com

5. Cake, Food, Cupcakes…. and more!


Photo: Sneha Mohanty

This is what everyone is waiting for! From kids to relatives, foodies exist in every family. Get the best menu ready for your guests as per their choices. Also keep some fruit candies and cupcakes for all the kids. Choose the best cake for your party at cakestudio.in

6. Candid Photography and Videography 

Now this is surely not to be missed! Create an everlasting memory of your child’s first birthday that will make you go Awww, while walking down the memory lane years down the line.

Video by: Jabs Inc. Studio

7. Return Gifts

Related image

Related image

Get the best return gift packs and make your guests go back in good spirits. Plan on, what do you want your little goers to take along with them! There are plenty of options for return gifts available online, get the best suited for your party at www.amazon.in

So here you are, all set to plan this big day and celebrate your child’s birthday and your parenthood! Start planning with us, book the best and most suited party venues for your baby’s birthday at www.venuemonk.com

Happy Planning!

Cover Image: Sneha Mohanty Photography

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