7 Things to Look Forward to in a Punjabi Wedding!

Punjabian di battery charge rehndi hai! So, here’s all you need to look forward to in a punjabi wedding. VenueMonk brings you the must-on-the-list stuffs of all the punjabis for a big fat dose of entertainment. Have a look:

1. The Sangeet and Tappe

Image result for daaru desi in punjabi wedding photography

The traditional dose of entertainment! Punjabi weddings are incomplete without this ritual where the ladki vale and ladke vale exchange rhymes during the sangeet. Too much fun!

2. Daaru Desi

Image result for daru in punjabi wedding photography

“Oye kithhe gayi sharaab di gaddi?”  Punjabi weddings are full of joy and entertainment, and to add on to the drama, there is Daaru!

3. Chuda

Image result for chooda in punjabi wedding photography

The most beautiful part of any Punjabi wedding that will make you go mad is Chuda. It is the trademark for any Punjabi Dulhan that adds on to the beauty of the to-be-bride.

Photo: Neeraj Agnihotri Photography

4. Kalire



Another most beautiful tradition! The Kalire that are tied to the chuda are absolutely stunning. And the fun game played, it is believed that whoever the Kalira falls on is the next on the list to get married. Sounds interesting?

Photo: Design Aqua

5. Gharoli

Image result for gharoli in punjabi wedding photography

Another fun ritual that is not to be missed! The Gharoli is filled with the holy water which is then used to bathe the bride and groom before the wedding.

6. Dhol and Bhangra

Image result for dhol and bhangrain punjabi wedding photography

Talking of the Punjabi weddings, and no Dance? Ofcourse not! Punjabi are ever ready to hit the dance floor with their Bhangra to groove to the beats of Dhol. The most enjoyed moment of every Baraati!

7. Phoolon ki Chadar

Image result for phoolon ki chadar punjabi wedding photography

The most awaited moment of a wedding, the Bride entering the venue under the traditional Phoolon ki Chadar. It is said that the Bride enters the venue under the chadar that is held by the brothers for her lavish entrance.

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