Angry Birds Theme Birthday Party

Birthday soon? How about an Angry Birds Theme birthday bash? Let’s peek out of the old stereotypical birthday parties and celebrations and introduce our all time favourite angry birds to reality! Not just the kids, but this fun game has engaged even grown-ups! So why not an angry birds theme for the next birthday party!

Personalise your event entirely according to the theme. From party invitations to party banners and cake, everything inspired from our very familiar Angry Birds!

So, we are here, VenueMonk brings you the ideas for a perfect Angry Birds Themed Party.

Theme: Angry Birds
Occasion: Kids Birthday Party
Suitable Venue: Banquet
Suited for: Kids

Remember playing this game? Remember how you started off with it? Yes, that’s exactly how the party begins. An interactive birthday treat! Let’s play. Get the kids excited!

Food is love, and desert directly goes to the heart! So, how about having a beautiful cake with angry birds jungle jamboree? Favourite characters dipped in favourite flavours. Yummy!

Candies, drinks, cupcakes, popcorn, beautifully done with this amazing concept. Let the guests feel excited to dine out with you.

Talking of a theme party, how can we forget the decor? Yes, right! Get the entire venue personalised with this amazing theme. From candies to gifts, angry birds are all set to attack!

Party poppers and banners are not be left behind. Use large angry birds banners to welcome the guests and the special kid! Let them know you have a lot in store for them.


Kids love gifts! Who doesn’t actually. Turn the naughty kids to happy kids with some cute gifts beautifully wrapped in angry birds bag. How about some crayons for a colourful life? Yes, anything that would broaden their thoughts and views.

It’s a kids birthday party, some fun activities and games are of course a bonus! Make arrangements for some easy and engaging activities to get the kids all charged up for the rest of the day.

Hey! So, we are all set for a perfect theme party. Just go ahead and plan. Visit to book the venue you want, and personalise the event with us. Make it a big day and make it count!



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