Kids Hoppy Hour Party!

Let’s make a simple dining experience fun for kids! Yes, you got that right, make it a happy meal for them. Add some humour to the regular snacks and enjoy every bite!

Theme: Kids Hoppy Hour
Occasion: Kids Birthday Party
Suitable Venue: Banquet
Suited for: Kids

So, venuemonk brings you the simplest idea to make it actually a happy hour for kids. Let’s have a look:


How about, if your boring milk routine is offered to you in some offbeat funnel glasses? Does that make you feel like to give it a try? Yes, that is exactly what we want for the kids. Making them excited for the simplest things. 



Beautiful presentation for the simplest snacks makes even the regular snacks a feast for the eyes. And, this is surely going to make the kids crave to taste it.


Cookies, chocolate, loads of snacks! Still boring? How about making it a creative snack hour? Make the kids pour their heart into this creativity. Balloons, clay, crayons, let them fill the colours in their lives.


And, we are all set for a happy happy happy hour for kids! Fun activities, partying and a creative snack time, a perfect blend for the kids to have the time of their lives.

Visit and book the best-suited venue for your next kid’s party! Rock the party, the easiest way, with this simple idea!

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Credits: Oh Happy Day

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