Top Trending Wedding Themes For 2017

It’s the biggest event of your life, preparations have started, friends and relatives all excited. There are numerous ideas juggling in your mind, from the wedding dress to guest list to venue to food menu and to the perfect honeymoon destination.

But one thing that needs elaborate planning is your wedding theme. Hundreds of wedding themes are available today but which one is for you?

VenueMonk brings down the top 5 most trending wedding theme ideas for the year 2017.

1. Vintage Theme

Vintage Indian Wedding


vintage wedding theme (3)

Old is gold, we have heard many times. But hardly did we know that the saying would hold true in events industry as well. Everything that is old is Vintage and it is very much in. Rustic color palette, antique furniture, classic chandeliers and candle stands, vintage cars, Victorian décor and a traditional 5 tier cake; vintage is one of the hottest themes right now.

2. Eco-Friendly Theme

Eco-friendly wedding theme

eco-friendly wedding theme (3)

An emerging trend in various countries is to get married on a farm, garden or vineyard. The sun provides natural lighting and trees serve as props. There is a minimal cost of venue, lighting, and props involved. Colorful drapes can be used to further decorate the trees and set up a refreshing and celebratory environment.

3. Rajasthani Theme

rajasthani wedding theme (2)

rajasthani wedding theme (3)

If stories of kings and queens of India have always intrigued you then the royal Rajasthani theme is for you. Travel back to the Rajputana era and feel what it’s like to be married as a princess or prince. Dazzling lamps, royal thrones, traditional Rajasthani fabrics, colorful rangolis, clay pots are few major props that create the traditional Rajasthani theme. Authentic Rajasthani cuisine can add that extra flavor to this royal wedding theme.

4. Fairytale Theme

fairytale wedding theme

fairytale wedding theme (2)

Were you one of the kids who were always fascinated by tales of fairies and magic? Well, you can live your fantasies for real in your wedding. Fairytale theme is quite popular these days where bride dresses like a fairy and the groom like a prince charming. You can pick any of your favorite fairytale characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and centre your décor and dresses according to them.

5. Floral Theme

Floral wedding theme

floral wedding theme (3)

Floral wedding theme (2)

A floral wedding theme has always been popular and it is still trending.  From floral décor at stage and mandap to chairs and tables decorated with flowers, from props like peacocks to water fountains with floating flowers in water, this theme is an extravagant dose of flowers. You can pick a particular color of flowers and design your theme according to that color.

Wish to have your wedding in one of these themes? Or an exclusive theme of your own? VenueMonk is here for you! Live your dream and get married in style.

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