Spice Up Your Corporate Diwali Party With Some Sassy Dress Codes

A corporate Diwali party offers the chance to shine in beautiful ethnic Indian outfits. Bright and vibrant clothes reflect the joy and excitement of the festival of lights. With all the preparations of Diwali Party such as venue, menu, games & activities along with party theme in place, there is only one thing left to decide upon- Dress Code.

VenueMonk brings some interesting dress codes to spice up the vibe of your Corporate Diwali Party.

Regional Dresses

An office is comprised of people coming from various ethnic backgrounds. Diwali is a common festival for the entire nation and each region has its own traditional style of dressing for this special occasion. Give the employees the chance to showcase their cultural dresses by keeping a regional theme for the Diwali Party.

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For instance, women from Rajasthani background can dress up in Ghagra- Choli and men in Dhoti Kurta with the symbolic turban. Your party will be filled with the vibrancy of India that people coming from different regions such as Gujarat, Bengal, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir, etc will bring along.

Celebrate the Colours

Diwali is a colorful festival and it is a great idea to celebrate the corporate Diwali party with a color-coordinated dress code. Choose any particular colors or color combinations as a dress code for the party. You can also deliver a message with each color you choose.

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For example, Gold color depicts richness and dazzle of the festival of lights, red depicts auspiciousness and green depicts an eco-friendly Diwali.  You can keep separate colors for women and men, to make things more interesting.

The Chic Indo-Western Code

India is truly global now and Diwali is a universal festival. Indo-western dress code is when you combine the elements of traditional Indian dressing with western outfits. This dress code has a lot of scope for creativity and innovation.

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For instance, a western suit can be paired with a stole and turban, a saree can be draped in the style of an evening gown, a ghagra skirt with a crop top and kurta pajama can be teamed up with a waistcoat.

Having a dress code for corporate parties is a fun way to engage everyone in the event even before its start. With the help of VenueMonk, you can incorporate many interesting ideas in your Corporate Diwali Party.

Wishing you all a Prosperous Diwali in advance!


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