This couple shot their wedding in a breath-taking volcanic eruption backdrop!

Imagine a breathtakingly-beautiful backdrop of a volcanic eruption with a trail of smoke rising up the turquoise sky while you say your vows. This couple took a risk of having their wedding ceremony in front of one of the most active volcanoes- Mount Mayon, in Philippines, and their photographs are giving us major wedding photography goals!


Arlo Gerald De La Cruz and Maria Hussa Maica Nicerio upped the wedding photography game by choosing a uniquely mesmerizing background for their wedding ceremony.  The volcano Mount Mayon had been predicted to erupt over the upcoming three months and natives had been shifted to temporary shelters and while the people have evacuated the danger zone, this couple found just the right spot outside the danger zone to tie the knot. Their wedding photographs are extraordinarily ethereal and appear like a piece of art that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. The one of a kind wedding was captured by Nebraja’s Sons, the official photographers and videographers of the ceremony.

Here are some of the perfectly framed pictures from their wedding:



Feature mount manor

The perfectly timed photographs with the volcano erupting in the background as the couple embrace their love for each other on their wedding day are all over the internet and are being praised for all the right reasons. While the couple had been stressed out about the eruption, little did they realise that their wedding setting will be blessed by the spectacular backdrop of nature, giving their married life a beautiful start.

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