Throwing a Cocktail Party? Here’s how you can be the perfect host!

Cocktail parties have been on the rise to popularity lately, people have been organising these for their wedding celebrations, business events, birthday celebrations, and almost every type of party is elevated into a Cocktail Party.  However, planning one can sometimes be a challenge. One has to go through a myriad of factors thoroughly to be able to throw a cocktail party that is enjoyable for the guests. If you are planning to rent out a venue to throw a cocktail party for your guests, here are some important things you need to take care of to become a perfect host-

1. Stock up the right type of alcohol

Cocktail party 1 

To keep the cocktail party alive, the right type of alcohol must be stocked up before the party starts. This is where the nature of your event comes to help, if your party is a formal one, it is advised to store classic alcohol like whiskey, wine, and champagne, whereas if you are organising an informal cocktail party, you can opt for other alcohol like beer, vodka, tequila, and more.

2. Keep a variety of glasses ready

Cocktail party 2

When you opt for more than one type of alcohol for your cocktail party, it is suggested that different types of glasses must be kept to serve each in.  As an instance, for serving Martini and Cosmopolitan, cocktail glasses are used, for serving whiskey, tumblers or highball glasses are used. A variety of glasses based on the number and types of drinks you’re serving at your cocktail party should be stocked up.

3. Serve light snacks

 Cocktail party 4

Instead of offering the guests with heavy main course food, it is suggested that light snacks should be served alongside the drinks. Snacks complement drinks at a cocktail party and guests can munch on while sipping the cocktails. Fried snacks with various dressings to top on it and some savoury baked snacks followed by a variety of light mouth-watering desserts are all you need to put up in your menu.

4. Keep extra ice handy


The 2-3 hour event can be a huge disappointment if the drinks aren’t chilled throughout the event. Whether it’s the first cocktail of the event or one at served at the last, it is important that each and every drink of the event is chilled and there’s enough ice in the store to keep it going until the end of the celebration.

5. Hire a bartender

Cocktail party 3

A cocktail party is incomplete without a bartender and a designated space for his bar. Unless you want to keep mixing and serving the drinks during the event, instead of going out there and enjoying with your guests, it is suggested that you hire a bartender within your budget for the job.

With the right planning and management, throwing a successful cocktail party without exhausting yourself if possible and the event can be entertaining for the guests as well as the host. We, at VenueMonk – Delhi-NCR’s leading event planning portal, go the extra mile during planning your event to keep everything in order at reasonable rates.

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