Keeping the Kids Entertained at Adult Parties: An Essential Guide

The only thing more difficult than keeping kids mannered and calm is keeping them entertained. Whiney and troublesome as they can be when they are bored, they are also equally pleasant and jovial if attended to properly. If you are a parent, we know how guilty it makes you feel every time you have to leave them with the babysitter or at the day-care centre when you have to attend an adult party. But what if you could arrange a party that has the best of both worlds? Here are some ideas to keep your children occupied while adults mingle:

1. Keep a Separate Room for Kids


Kids cherish their privacy as much as adults do. The best way to keep them away from bothering adults is by giving them the closure we give ourselves. Decorate the room with toys and balloons to make them feel special.

2. A Karaoke Session

Kids karaoke

Allow the kids the privilege to be loud, but add some essence to it. Karaoke is always entertaining, both for kids and adults, and it keeps them occupied and entertained for hours. Pick some groovy numbers, arrange for some dazzling lights and watch them have a gala time while you enjoy your martini with a friend.

3. Movie-time!


It is an exhausting task to look after the kids if it’s a day-long party. In which case, they have to be occupied with something that’s time-consuming and entertaining at the same time. Disney films never fail to amuse kids anywhere, anytime. Create a movie theatre in the room allotted for the kids and play a hit animated movie to keep them involved at least for two to three hours. Hand them over some juice and popcorn and you’re all set to party with your adult folks.

4. Arrange Outdoor Games for Kids


If you have ever managed a child you should know that nothing excites them more than games. Fortunately, there are games that won’t cost you a penny if you are too tight on your budget. Games like Treasure Hunt, Charades, Passing the Pillow, What’s in the Bag, and Chinese Whisper are both safe and entertaining.

5. Stock up Kids-Friendly Food

kids- snacks

Make sure you arrange for enough kid-friendly food and beverages at your adult party. If you want to enjoy your beer, the child must be given an exotic soft-drink. There is hardly kids drool over any snacks more than ones like cream rolls and cupcakes. A separate buffet for the kids would also keep them busy with eating, while the adults enjoy their party.

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