Witness The Exceptional Glam of Inter-Cultural Weddings!

As exciting as Indian marriages are, nothing compares the pomposity of two cultures coming together for the holy purpose of matrimony. Venuemonk knows the average Indian’s flair for big fat weddings and presents the best of the lot with an extraordinary theme that captures the cosmopolitan spirit of our culture.

Manipuri weds Madrassi


Manipuri Weds Madrasi

When the hills and the sea come together through the sacred knot, they give us a glimpse of the charisma that makes the diversity of our country so charming. The traditional Manipuri bride wears a ‘Rasila’, a dome-like skirt while the Tamil groom dons a spotless white ‘Kurta’ making a perfect contrast to the bride’s vibrant attire.

Punjab gets hitched with Bengal


Punjabi weds Bengali

People belonging to these two communities have more in common than they might expect. A lot of the sensation surrounding these weddings has to be accredited to Bollywood, but one needs to be there in person to witness the immense enthusiasm and pomposity the Punjabis and Bengalis amuse themselves with when it comes to marriages! From exotic delicacies to highly stylized decorations, they leave no space for ordinary!

A Love Affair Beyond Borders





The beauty of intercultural marriages lies with the fact that they are a concrete proof of love that knows no boundaries, race or social hierarchies. India witnesses quite a few number of inter-religious and inter-caste marriages every year, the Christian-Hindu union being the most popular of them. When the eloquence of west meets the elegance of east, the outcome is nothing short of ethereal.

The Royal Alliance


Rajasthani weds Kashmiri

If you want to know what royalty feels like, you must witness a Rajasthani wedding ceremony! Topping to the sumptuously regal Rajasthani wedding is when a Rajasthani ties a knot to a Kashmiri. The rich ethnicity of Rajasthan coalesces with the traditional ceremonies of Kashmir to enhance the beauty of royal weddings.

The glitz and glam of inter-cultural Indian weddings have always been unparalleled. If you are planning a wedding, visit VenueMonk – Delhi/NCR’s leading event planning portal, to book an exclusive venue from over 2000+ options at affordable rates.

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