How to Make Sure Your Introverted-Guests Enjoy Your Event?

It is easy spotting an introvert at any party, if they do you the honour of showing up. They either sit in a corner engrossed in thoughts, observing everything around in silence, or they are visibly bored with the loud music and over-enthusiastic folks downing pegs and hogging food. Knowing that you want your dear ones to feel lively at your party, we at VenueMonk decided to come up with some ideas to draw in your introverted friends and make them have a memorable time.


1. Keep it Close and Personal


The primary reason why an introvert is perennially uninterested or bored at uptown parties is that they generally have too many people who bond only over alcohol and have nothing to talk about. The over-friendly party animals and the unnecessarily loud music might trigger social anxiety in the introvert. But if you invite like-minded people with similar preferences and demeanours; they will end up having a gala time over a glass of wine, having conversations on life and the world beyond.


2. Set up the Right Ambience



Set aside the EDM and trippy disco lights for the regular party going extrovert. For the recluse, go no further than fairy lights and some good old classics for music. It is very important to create an ambience where they feel as comfortable as their home.


3. Party with a Purpose


Most people want to party simply for killing time or their loneliness. Introverts would rather stay back home reading a book, watching a film or doing anything worthwhile than attending a party without any purpose. If you could arrange a gathering for a discussion on current affairs or screen a controversial film, your introverted friend would be the first one to turn up and the last to leave. And most importantly, nothing piques their ardour more than a hearty conversation.


4. Consider Party Games


Quiet people are usually great with mind games. An exciting session of chess, card play or something as rudimentary as memory game will bring out the jumpy kid in introverts. It is a great accompaniment to go with drinks and passes the time better than any other party activities.

For more tips on parties and ways to add new colours to them, visit VenueMonk– Delhi-NCR’s leading event planning portal.

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