Loved Taimur’s First Birthday Celebrations? Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Similarly!

The star kids have taken the internet by a storm! May it be the little munchkin Pataudi, Taimur Khan, AbRam Khan, or Karan Johar’s recently turned one twins, Yash and Roohi. The current age is virtually ruled by these star kids and we cannot ever get enough of their star-studded lives. The junior Pataudi, Taimur Ali Khan, celebrated his birthday in December and while the photos were major goals for us, but in certain ways, the pictures also set some unrealistic expectations for parents, in context of their own kid’s birthday party.

For your own junior, for whom you desire nothing less than his own fairytale-like celebrations, we cannot promise a star-studded affair, paparazzi, or a pristine Ralph Lauren outfit like Taimur’s but instead we can offer tips on celebrating your little kid’s birthday like this little cheesecake’s first birthday celebration.

1. Set up a Theme


Taimur Khan's birthday celebrations 2

Taimur’s birthday was a baby-blue themed celebration, with a vibrant jungle themed three tier cake to complement the same.

When a baby reaches his/her first year, s/he gets really happy and excited to see vibrant colours around him. So, you can think about setting up a rainbow theme, or unicorn theme with glitters and shimmery party objects hanging all around the venue. Having a first birthday theme not only amuses the birthday kid but also increases the enthusiasm of the guests. Ask your guests to wear quirky and vibrant clothes and store interesting toys like “blow bubbles” to complement the theme. The blow bubbles help in improving motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and oral motor skills of the kid. So, it will be fun and vital for all the kids too.

2. Plan an Intimate Celebration


Taimur Khan's birthday celebrations 3

One of the standouts of the Pataudi birthday party was that it was not a grand affair. The Nawabs decided to keep it a private and invited only the people who mattered and were close to the family. The celebrations were followed by a bonfire in which only the closest ones were present.

Similarly, for your kid’s first birthday party, you should only invite a handful of people who are actually close to you and your kid and would genuinely be happy to give their blessing to the child. Once the birthday party is over, the parents can go on and have a pleasant time with the adults by having a bonfire at the same venue.

 3. Themed Birthday cake


Taimur Khan's birthday celebrations 4

The birthday cake of the party is one of the most important and also the most remembered aspect of the event. Taimur’s jungle themed three-tier birthday cake was oozing out vivacity and enthusiasm and was very amusing for the kids.

Make sure that the cake that you get for your munchkin is by all means, above par. Many years down the lane, when your kid looks at the photos of the cake, he/she should be proud of it. However, there is no need to splurge over the birthday cake for the baby. You can also order a separate Instagram-worthy cake for the guests and try to bake one for your little tiny tot using organic ingredients to make a perfect smash cake for your baby which s/he will definitely enjoy.

4. Hire a professional photographer


Taimur Khan's birthday celebrations 1

The first birthday is a very important milestone in your baby’s life and you would definitely like to capture those moments for eternity. But, you don’t want to miss out these moments by not being in the picture. A professional photographer will click beautiful pictures of you and your baby, your family and candid shots which will be worth, years down the line. It will also save you the hassle of managing your camera and clicking the photos all by yourself and being left out of the album altogether. A professional photographer would make the birthday album, something that you would like to see again and again in the following years.

5. Go on a Babymoon Instead


Taimur Khan's birthday celebrations 6

 Similar to a honeymoon, a babymoon is the first vacation that the parents have once the baby is born. The concept of a babymoon is definitely not a new one; however, the idea is certainly growing with modern couples. A babymoon would give you a much-needed break from welcoming the little one to your family as the first year of the baby is a roller-coaster ride. Yes, the baby wouldn’t remember his/ her first birthday, you can take some time out for yourself as you also deserve some leisure time. Moreover, you will be gifting an experience to your baby, which would allow him/her to be awestruck by the colours of the world.

All in all, the pictures of Taimur Ali Khan’s first birthday have been something out of a fairytale. Even though every kid is not born in the royal Pataudi family, we believe every little munchkin deserves a first birthday celebration as effervescent as his!

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