11 Hilarious Millennial Wedding Vows To Get Your Guests Hoot With Laughter!

Gone are the days when weddings used to be everything traditional and formal, and when brides were supposed to be all shy and dainty. The contemporary brides, today, have moved from preferring traditional to a rather lively and enjoyable aura for their wedding, and so have the rituals shifted to something entertaining and humorous. From bridal entrances to the Vidaai ceremony, each of the traditional rituals gets added with a dash of fun and amusement.

One such wedding ritual that has the power to completely transform the wedding aura is saying the wedding vows. Weddings can be very stressful for the couple getting married and more often than not, humour is the only way the bride and groom can beat the stress and enjoy their big-day. The modern-day Indian couples, instead of promising the stars and the moons, choose to say the realistic wedding vows that take a moment to hilariously acknowledge the moments of frustration from the everyday married lives they are yet to experience.

Check out the unconventional wedding vows that will make your guests shed laughter-tears at your wedding!

  1. You’re* welcome!


best places for reception in gurgaon

2. Minus the ones with Oberyn, maybe?


Gurgaon top wedding venues

3. Without yawning, perhaps…

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4. A couple who binge-watches together, stays together!

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5. Or atleast, I’ll try to…

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6. Sigh! Things you do for love.


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7. Till death do you Part-y!


Wedding Venues in Delhi

8. What do you mean Rachel gets off the plane?!


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9. …and let you occupy the larger part of our bed, well sometimes.


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10. ..if you clean the dishwasher every day!

Wedding Vows 1


Your love story is unique, your wedding vows should be too! For the millennial couples who dream their wedding ceremony to be nothing less than a memorable and crazy affair, saying humorous wedding vows for your significant other will definitely up the wedding game, as they call it hashtag wedding goals!

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Picture Credits- Kishor Krishnamoorthi Photography

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