Personalise Your Wedding With These 6 Quirky Ideas!

If you dream to have a wedding that is unique and speaks ounces of your love story, the key to turn it into a reality is by personalising it. The thing about Indian Weddings is that they just keep getting quirkier and unique with every trend that emerges. The fun quotient of your wedding depends on how you can engage the guests with amusing elements, starting from wedding invitations to your wedding decor, and it all depends on how you plan it. Personalising your own wedding is one way of adding a dash of amusement for your guests and make them have a memorable time while having your ceremony be a lot of you and your love for your significant other.

To make your wedding a one-of-a-kind affair worth remembering, we have listed the best ways you can personalise your wedding and make your guests have a gala time too!

  1. A Message From Your Loved Ones!

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Decorate a pinning board and offer each of your guests a pen and paper. Ask them to write a message that is meant for the couple, which could be anything from a memory they of the couple, any wedding advice, or wishes for a blissful nuptial. This not only makes them feel connected to the couple but also gives the couple a whole lot of souvenirs to keep from their close ones! Bonus point? The couple gets some real-time wedding advice too!

2. Caricatures at Wedding Entrance Table


Instead of the formal display at the entrance table with just the basic details on a dull background, choose a caricature based display of the couple with your wedding information and make your wedding a quirkier affair. Caricature decors are the latest trend in the Indian weddings and can completely change your wedding game to make it a fun affair!

3.  Personalised Brooches

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Offer your guests brooches with quirky personalised text written in Hindi, like LadkiWale, LadkeWale, or even a dedicated hashtag for the couple’s wedding. Brooches like these add a dash of fun and desi to your wedding, also gives your guests something to retain as a memory from your wedding!

4. Scrapbook at the Photobooth

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We are all very familiar with the concept of photobooth at Indian Weddings and to personalise the most fun decor element of every Indian wedding, we suggest you to keep a scrapbook at the photobooth and ask the guests to click their pictures in polaroids and stick the pictures in one scrapbook! This way, you can totally take home a bunch of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime to come.

6. Caricature Wedding Invites

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When it comes to personalising a wedding, caricatures are just the thing you need! Instead of sending out formals wedding invitation cards, amuse your guests with one that has your caricatures in it. This not only personalises the first thing, in context of your wedding, that reaches out to your guests but also excites them enough to look forward to having a great time at your wedding!

Making your guests have an amazing time at your wedding is important and that can be easily done by giving them something worth remembering! Personalising your wedding in fun and quirky ways is one way you can ensure that guests are having a great time at your wedding while giving your love just the right amount of attention it needs.

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