5 Reasons Why ‘D Imperia’ Is An Ideal South-Delhi Venue For Your Wedding Celebrations!

When you envision your wedding day, you imagine yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life on a gorgeous set-up that is lavish and quaint, you imagine a picturesque ambience wherein the aura speaks of your love and the grandeur of Indian Weddings! But when you get engaged and take the first step towards your wedding planning, that is- choosing an ideal venue that has the potential to incorporate the wedding you dream of, you begin to realize how much of a struggle can it be to make your dream wedding be set up in the reality!

For your once-in-a-lifetime event, you would definitely want nothing but the best! However, heading out to search for the right venue for your wedding day can more often than not be a hassle. There are numerous factors that every couple needs to consider before selecting the perfect venue for their wedding including the type of venue, amenities, ambience, service, budget and more.

Making your search convenient, we have found an ideal wedding venue in South Delhi, “D Imperia”, to make your nuptial as whimsical as you have always imagined it to be! Here’s 5 reasons why D Imperia is the perfect wedding venue for you.

  1.   A Class Apart Ambience

D Imperia- Wedding Venues in South Delhi

When it comes to the ambience, D Imperia located in the top posh area of Delhi, falls nothing short of elegance and sumptuousness. The venue offers a whimsical vibrant set-up for various wedding celebrations like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Cocktail Party, Wedding, and Reception! The venue is perfect for every couple who dreams of a traditional wedding but with a slight touch of contemporary retained. The venue has a majestic entrance and picturesque sculptures to create a striking first impression for your guests, giving them something to rave about for long. For you wedding set-up, the venue offers an ethereal backdrop for your wedding photographs to come out all splendid. D Imperia provides you with their in-house decorators who well adept at their job and can very well incorporate your dream-wedding decor into the multiple celebration areas in the venue. Not having to search for the right decor is a bonus!

2. Multiple Celebration Areas

D Imperia4

If you are a couple who cannot come to terms with what kind of venue you wish to tie the knot at, D Imperia is just the place for you! Apart from the exquisite aesthetics that this venue has to offer, D Imperia lets you choose between an opulent banquet hall, a wide and lush-green lawn for your outdoor celebrations, and a magnificent pool-side celebration area for your intimate celebrations. The thing about Indian Weddings is, with several ceremonies and functions, offering your guests with versatility can be a struggle. At D Imperia, a couple can celebrate their intimate functions like Mehendi and Sangeet at the pool-side area, it being exclusively vibrant, and the rather full-fledged ceremonies like Wedding and Reception can be celebrated with utmost splendor at the banquet hall or the lawn offered by this place. D Imperia also offers banquet hall attached lawns for your large gathering events and a small green lawn for outdoor intimate celebrations.

3. Exceptional Service

D Imperia 2

Your entire planning fails if the service is not up to the mark on your wedding day. A service can either make or break your event, which makes it paramount that you choose a venue that offers great service to your guests. D Imperia offers a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies for your wedding feast. The menu can be customized based on your preferences. The venue provides you with a lavish 11-course wedding menu from local and global cuisines, perfectly catering to the taste of every guest irrespective of their age and preferences. In-house caterers are provided to you by the venue for all your celebrations, sparing you the hassle of finding one.

4. Luxurious Amenities 

D Imperia- Wedding Venues in South Delhi2

Apart from the many perks of booking this venue, one that stands out well, is the luxurious amenities that D Imperia has in store to offer you. When you book a venue for your wedding, you have to ensure certain factors like the availability of lodging for your outstation guests and more. When it comes to D Imperia, you can sit back and relax once you have booked the venue, the elite event coordinators take care of everything like decor, catering, lodging and more. D Imperia has the availability of a comfortable stay for your outstation guests so you do not have to go the extra mile to arrange their lodging. The venue also offers a complimentary changing room. Unlike various wedding venues in Delhi, D Imperia allows the serving of alcohol within the venue and overnight weddings are permissible.

5. Approachability 

D Imperia- Top Wedding Venues in South Delhi

One of the main concerns of the to-be-wed couples while searching for a venue is its approachability. If a venue is not easily approachable, it gives out a possibility of guests failing to attend the wedding due to that. Which isn’t quite the case with D Imperia! The majestic wedding venue is nestled in one of the poshest areas of Delhi, Mehrauli. D Imperia is located on the main road on the Gurgaon-Mehrauli route in Ghitorni and is in close proximity to the famous Chattarpur Mandir. The venue is also a very convenient option for your outstation guests since it is located near the domestic and international airport of Delhi. With such excellent approachability, your guest cannot fail to miss out on your big-day!

For your once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, we are sure you would not want to settle for anything less ideal than D Imperia for your wedding venue! To find the best wedding venues and vendors in Delhi-NCR, visit VenueMonk, Delhi-NCR’s leading event planning portal!

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