Check Out These 5 Wedding Invitation Ideas To Totally Change Your Invitation Game!

We are sure everyone has had enough of the conventional wedding invitations that we have been receiving over for a decade. Your wedding invite is the first impression you give about your once-in-a-lifetime big-day! It is the one wedding element that can make your guests look forward to your wedding eagerly. Sending out traditional old-fashioned wedding invite gives an impression that your wedding might lack the fun-factor and make your guests lose interest in the same.

To up your wedding game and make your guests enthusiastic about your nuptial ceremony and make your wedding the talk of the town, we have listed the best ways you can choose an unconventional wedding invite-

  1. Play With Colours 

Quirky wedding invitations

Picture Credits: Shiraz & Sehresh

The thing about Indian weddings is, they can be as vibrant as possible! The lack of effervescence and vivacity in an Indian wedding can also kill the wedding vibes. For a couple who lives vibrantly, their wedding should be one experimented with colors. Playing with colors for your wedding invitation only evokes verve and flamboyance in your wedding aura and make people cheerful. A quirky wedding invite only reflects a fun wedding!

2. Personalise The Invite

Invitation - caricature

The key to having your wedding speak ounces of your love is to personalize it from the very beginning. Instead of sending out regular invites, make yours stand out by making it about the love you share with your significant other. Having caricatures on your wedding invite is something that has been emerging as a trend and is a perfect way to make your wedding offbeat from the very start.

3. Reflect Your Wedding

destination wedding invitations

If you are planning an unconventional wedding, make sure your wedding invitation reflects that well. Make your guests look forward to attending your wedding by sending out invites that very well speak about the type of wedding you are planning to have. Like, if you have planned a destination wedding, have your wedding invitation be inspired by the location. A beach wedding invitation card might as well have seashell embellishments on the front and a rather funky font with a color combination that is suitable for one. Similarly, if you are planning a traditional destination wedding at a fort, design your wedding invite similarly.

4. Design Your Love-Story

Invitation- Sketch a tale

Picture Credits: Sketch A Tale

Make your wedding invitation stand out from the rest by telling a tale through it. Have your love-story be incorporated into your wedding invitation and make it unconventionally fabulous! This way, you not only personalize the invitation but also make your card very authentic and speak ounces of your love. Your guests will have a sentimental value attached to your wedding if you begin it by expressing your love with your spouse.

5. Minimalistic Yet Beauticious 

screencapture-turmericink-1519031673588 (1)

Picture Credits: Turmeric Ink

Whoever said that ‘Less doesn’t equal boring’ was perfectly right! For a couple who wants to have a minimalistic wedding, they should definitely start with the wedding invites. Instead of handing out large wedding invitations that take up on a whole lot of space, go for the ones that are minimalistic yet speak more! With the right design and planning, even a minimalistic wedding invite can surpass the others in terms of beauty and elegance.

6. Add A Fun Factor

Invitation - Countdown

If your wedding is going to one crazy affair, give a glimpse of the same by sending out fun-factor filled wedding invitations. By making sure your guests are involved throughout your wedding and start out by making the invites activity based and a little quirky. You can change the wedding invitation game by sending invites with a countdown for your wedding, ones that include a game, or a puzzle. This way, by intriguing the guests, you make sure that your guests do look forward to your wedding and are highly enthusiastic for the same.

Your wedding invite is the first glimpse of your wedding and can totally make or break your wedding vibes. Which is why you should make sure that your invitation stands out and reflects your wedding perfectly. This way you can begin to redefine the wedding goals!

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