Finding a Perfect Corporate Party Venue? Check Out The Best Party Venues In Saket!

A corporate party is the one thing that your employees eagerly look forward to, the one event that kills the work-blues perfectly well! If you are organizing a corporate party for your team, it is suggested that you take the planning stage of the same seriously and go the extra mile when it comes to it. The secret to a successful corporate party is planning it well and beforehand. The enjoyment of your team is the one factor that determines the success of your party. By choosing a venue that well caters to your need and offers a recreational and team-friendly ambiance, you can make sure your party will be a sure-shot hit!

To minimize the struggle of finding the right corporate party venue for you, we have listed the top 5 venues in the social hub of Delhi, Saket, that are perfect for your next team event-

1. RockStar Club

Capacity: Up to 150 People

SAKET RockStar- Party Venues in Delhi

RockStar Club, located in the southern park behind Select City Mall, Saket is a fabulous venue to get-together with your team and celebrate! The party venue is well-known to have one of the best DJ’s in the area playing the grooviest Bollywood tunes for the desi in you. For the party freaks in your team, this venue is nothing short of a paradise, it offers a chill and laid-back ambience for your team to let loose and enjoy themselves. RockStar Club offers a wide array of lip-smacking food from various cuisines like North-Indian, Continental, and Chinese along with a full bar to serve a variety of drinks to the team. The service is quite prompt and the staff is cooperative and friendly. A spacious dance floor and live sports screening is a bonus!

Click here to book RockStar for your corporate party.

2. 3 Pegs Down

Capacity: Up to 500 People

SAKET 3 Pegs Down- Corporate Party Venues in Delhi

3 Pegs Down, located in Saket, is a cowboy themed party lounge ideal for large gathering corporate parties. The venue is huge and has an accommodation capacity of up to 500 people, which makes it perfect for a team with a large number of people. 3 Pegs Down has an exquisitely sumptuous ambience with comfortable couches. The one thing that’s not to miss out on when it comes to 3 Pegs Down, is the venue’s wide range of cocktails to die for! The venue is exceptionally picturesque and the DJ plays amazing music to sway your team off their feet! Offering a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from global and local cuisines like Asian, Mexican, Lebanese, North-Indian, Italian, Continental, and Chinese, this place is surely going to give you a delectable experience with the food and drinks. The availability of valet parking at 3 Pegs Down is a plus!

Click here to book 3 Pegs Down for your corporate party.

3. Hard Rock Cafe

Capacity: Up to 150 People

SAKET Hard Rock Cafe- Corporate Party Venues in Delhi

We are sure you do not need any introduction to Hard Rock Cafe! The rock & roll themed cafe is every music lover’s paradise. Located on the first floor of DLF Place Mall in Saket, this party venue is a perfect blend of lip-smacking food, awesome music, and an upbeat ambience. The place perfectly stands up to its name when it comes to the ambience, various guitars and leather jackets gifted to the venue by famous bands are displayed on the wall which complements the music theme of the place. The liveliness and vibrancy of the venue keep up the party spirit and there is a dedicated stage for live band performances, in case your team would like to devour themselves in live music, bands like Indian Ocean have performed at Hard Rock Cafe.

Click here to book Hard Rock Cafe for your corporate party.

4. Wrong Turn Club

Capacity: Up to 100 People

SAKET Wrong Turn Club- Party Venues in Delhi

With an exquisitely aesthetic ambiance, Wrong Turn Club is just the right place for your team events! The party is venue is capacious and can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time. What makes the venue stand apart is the amazing DJ who plays the grooviest beats for your team to have a gala time dancing. Wrong Turn Club offers a wide range of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items from cuisines like North-Indian, Continental, and Chinese to cater every type of guests in your corporate party irrespective of their taste and preferences.

Click here to book Wrong Turn Club for your corporate party.

5. Excuse Me Boss

Capacity: Up to 80 People

SAKET Excuse Me Boss- Party Venues in Delhi

Located in the DLF Saket Mall, Excuse Me Boss offers an impeccable nightlife in the area. The party place has a combination of all the elements that make a venue suitable for a corporate party. The upbeat ambience of Excuse Me Boss is very lively and gives the right amount of party vibes to cheer your team up! The venue offers scrumptious food items from various cuisines like Continental, Mediterranean, Chinese, and North-Indian, offering something delectable for each guests in your team. The drinks are served in wide variety and are beautifully garnished. The service is prompt and the staff is highly corteous. For the party freaks in your team who love to shake a leg on awesome music, this place is perfect corporate party venue!

Click here to book Excuse Me Boss for your corporate party.

Choosing the right corporate party venue is one of the most important steps of organizing one. A poor choice of venue can totally kill the party vibes and disappoint your team, making the event a complete failure. However, if you go the extra mile and choose a venue that is perfectly suitable for your team, you are halfway there to your party’s success!

To find the best corporate venues in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad, visit VenueMonk– your one-stop destination for all your event-related needs!

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